February 16, 2011

About Us

Reel to Reel Audio Conversion to Digital in New Jersey

Rosemont Media Transfer transfers and converts your reel to reel tape, cassette or record to digital and makes the sound better than ever before. We specialize in transferring your old reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes and LP records to digital, in HD Audio, CD Audio or MP3. With an extensive collection of sound reproduction equipment that can play back and convert almost any format, we will will make sure your transfer sounds as good as it could be. We are located in Northern New Jersey.

Since 1999! Our media transfer business started way back in 1999 with just one machine. Today, we have a large sound lab and extensive experience transferring all kinds of material…from concert and master recordings to family histories. We love what we do – the business exists out of a love for the equipment, the process and because it gives great pleasure to bring back memories for people from their old recordings. Your recorded history is a treasure, and we treat it as such!

Professional Audio Mastering – We use the latest software and techniques to bring out the best from your source material. We have gotten involved in many projects over the years. One of them involved transferring Paul Wittgenstein’s lost recordings and making them available to the public. We transferred the material, mastered and produced the CDs.

See www.wittgensteinrecordings.com for more details!

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Estimated Pricing

$45 per reel to reel tape, cassette or record, regardless of length. Many of our clients just want the MP3 or Audio wav files, and we provide then in advance via Dropbox. If you prefer CDs, prices include 1 full CD of material. $5 for each additional CDs required to complete the transfer if there is more material on the tape or record.

Tape repair, baking, cleaning or lubrication might be necessary to get your tape to play properly and we will charge if required.

Reel to Reel Conversion: Transferring Your Reel to Reel Tapes FAQ

Cassette Conversion: Transferring Your Cassette Tapes FAQ

Learn About Us and Our Reel to Reel and Cassette Transfer Equipment

Please Note: It is your responsibility to insure all material is free from copyright laws. We reserve the right to turn down any project at any time if copyrights are infringed.

Rosemont’s Sound Conversion Process

  • Step One: Send us an e-mail or call us with your project details
  • Step Two: Together we will discuss the scope, time-frame and estimated cost of your project
  • Step Three: You’ll send or drop off your original recordings to us for conversion. We will take extra care with your valuables as we understand your recordings are irreplaceable.
  • Step Four: Rosemont Media Transfer performs all sound transfer editing and conversion on a PC with first-class equipment. Your sound files are processed with the latest software to remove any unwanted noise. We make sure your transfer project will be done to your utmost satisfaction and care. Read our About Us page for more details about our sound equipment!