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Uncover the world of cassette tape restoration with Rosemont Media Transfer. Here’s everything you need to know:

Wondering if your cassette type is compatible? Worry not! We handle all types, whether encoded with Dolby B or C or without noise reduction.

Encounter damaged tapes or those that stick or squeal? Absolutely, we can repair ripped or broken cassettes and ensure a seamless transfer by placing the tape into a new enclosure.

Unsure of your tape’s content? Ship them to us, and we’ll review before starting the transfer. Specify your preferences, and we’ll provide a cost estimate. No charges for untransferred cassettes. Need a sneak peek? We can create a short sound sample in mp3 format and email it to you for review.

Still into CDs? Each CD can hold up to 80 minutes of material. We tailor CD segments to match the tape lengths for coherence. Alternatively, opt for computer formats (wav, wma, or mp3) on CD or DVD. For master recordings, experience superior sound quality with DVD audio at 24bit, 96 kHz.

Crafting CD tracks is an art. For music, we identify natural breaks, while for spoken word tapes, a new track is created every 5 minutes.

Personalize your CDs as you wish; we leave them blank. Each CD comes with a jewel case and an insert describing the contents. If you prefer labeled CDs, we’re happy to accommodate.

Treat your cassettes like treasures. Pack them securely in a sturdy box with ample bubble wrap. Ship with a tracked service like USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or Fed-Ex. For reliability, we recommend Fed-Ex. Avoid Media Mail, Parcel Post, and UPS Ground for critical shipments.

Hesitant about shipping? Call us at 1-973-236-1793 to schedule a drop-off time. We understand the importance of your recordings and ensure careful handling.

Yes, bulk discounts await! Enjoy a 10% discount after 10 tapes. For larger quantities, request a written quotation. Transparent pricing at $35 per cassette, regardless of length, covers tape repair and enhancements.

Experience quick turnarounds, with projects completed within 1-2 weeks. Larger projects take more time – let us know your deadline, and we’ll meet it!

Trust our experience; we’ve been transferring tapes since 1999.

Ready to breathe new life into your cassette tapes? Call 1-973-236-1793 or email with your questions!

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