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Unlock the mysteries of transferring your cherished reel-to-reel tapes into the digital age with Rosemont Media Transfer. Here are answers to your burning questions:

Wondering if your reel-to-reel tape can be transferred? Fear not! We expertly handle any 1/4″ width tape in various formats – stereo, mono, 2 and 4 track. Whether it’s a consumer tape or a professionally recorded masterpiece, we ensure optimal playback. High-definition (24 bit / 96 kHz) files are our standard, along with MP3s.

Encounter damaged or sticky tapes? We’ve got you covered. From repairing ripped tapes to baking those with “sticky-shed” syndrome, we make sure your tapes play smoothly. Squealing tapes pose their own challenges, but we’ll still transfer them.

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Still into CDs? Each CD can hold up to 80 minutes of material. We tailor CD segments to match the tape lengths for coherence. Alternatively, opt for computer formats (wav, wma, or mp3) on CD or DVD. For master recordings, experience superior sound quality with DVD audio at 24bit, 96 kHz.

Crafting CD tracks is an art. For music, we look for natural breaks, while for spoken word, a new track every 5 minutes ensures intuitive navigation.

Personalize your CDs as you like; we leave them blank. For larger projects, we number reels and CDs for easy organization. If you prefer labeled CDs, just let us know.

Treat your tapes like treasures. Pack them securely, use ample bubble wrap, and choose a tracked shipping service like USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or Fed-Ex. Trust us; we’ve had the lowest package loss percentage with Fed-Ex.

Skeptical about shipping? Call us at 1-973-236-1793 to schedule a drop-off time. We understand the value of your recordings and handle them with utmost care.

Yes, bulk discounts are a reality! Enjoy a 10% discount after 10 tapes. For larger quantities, request a written quotation. Our pricing is transparent at $42 per reel-to-reel tape, cassette, or record, regardless of length. Additional CDs or tape-related services incur extra charges.

Small projects (under 10 reels) take 1-2 weeks, with larger ones requiring more time. Share your deadline, and we’ll meet it!

Trust in our experience. We’ve been transferring reel-to-reel tapes since 1999, driven by a passion for the medium for almost 40 years.

Ready to digitize your memories? Call 1-973-236-1793 or email with your questions!

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