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Delve into the technical realm of Rosemont Media Transfer, where we handle your audio with precision and expertise. Here’s a breakdown of our technical approach:

Software Solutions:

Question: Which software do you use?

Answer: We rely on Sony’s CD-Architect and Sound Forge for audio mastering, coupled with Diamond Cut’s sound restoration software. Witness the transformation of your old recordings as we eliminate hiss, background noise, and other unwanted elements, breathing new life into your cherished music.

State-of-the-Art Machines:

Question: Which machines do you use for the transfers?

Answer: Our extensive collection includes Teac and Tascam reel-to-reel machines, carefully repaired and maintained. Notable models include Teac X-10 and X-2000R for newer consumer recordings, a modified Tascam BR-20 for older mono recordings, and Tascam 32-2B and 3030s for professional master tapes. The Teac/Tascam dual capstan drive system ensures optimal tape tension, especially crucial for older polyester and acetate tapes. We also provide Dolby B & C and Dbx type I and II noise reductions for encoded tapes. For cassettes, we turn to the Nakamichi DR-2, renowned for its playback equalization that enhances fidelity. Records are expertly handled with a classic Garrard 301 direct drive turntable featuring an SME arm, accommodating 33, 45, and 78 rpm records.

Sticky Shed Syndrome and Tape Baking:

Question: Could my tapes have Sticky Shed Syndrome?

Answer: This condition affects certain studio tapes from Ampex and 3M manufactured in the 70s and 80s. Notable affected tape formulations include Ampex Grand Master, 406, 407, 456, 457, and Radio Shack “Concertape.” Scotch (3M) Tapes affected include Classic, 250, 226, 227, 800, and 900 series tapes. Fear not; our expertise includes successfully baking tapes afflicted by Sticky Shed Syndrome, now included in the service without additional cost. Rest assured, we accurately identify tapes requiring this treatment.

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